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What's New to the Site

Chad towling off after getting out the shower.

*Working on the galleries to make them function with any device.

*Systematically working through all  gallery images.

*Completely reworked all the Chad galleries breaking each shoot into a separate gallery.  Created a Chad landing page with a model description and visual links to all his galleries. 

*Added movie trailers to the cinema movie reviews.

Recent Galleries

Man naked and humilated looking out in desperation.Keaton - The Dark Shoot Gallery

He had seen my images and liked how I was able to get into a more psychological places with my subjects.  He had gone through a terrible ordeal and he was trying to come to terms with it but needed to somehow reconnect to the event.  He had a sort of amnesia and really couldn’t recall what happened but woke up in a hospital after being found in an alley stripped naked and beaten up.

Featured Artist Galleries

David J Vanderpool - Pencil Drawing Artist

David was one of the first artists I got to know when I first began showing my own male nude imagery on the Red Bubble site.  We seem to have a mutual fascination with each other’s work and style.  I was obsessed with light and how my subjects emerged out of the darkness.  He obsessed with the subtle shading of his gradation through intricate line and movement of his pencils.   [read more]

Featured Cinema

Movie poster for 'Time To Leave'


2004, French, 81 mins

This is one of those rare movies that reach into the depth of our souls to show us a poetic portrait of our humility and ultimately our humanity.   This movie captures that bittersweet journey someone diagnosed with cancer must tread in order to come to terms with one’s own mortality.

Recent Blogs

Nude boy with fruit in soft side light.

Considering  All The Elements in Photogrpahy

Taking a picture is not just about pointing and shooting, there are a whole host of other elements that come into play before you click the shutter. I have caught up with all my commercial photo work for the year and this site is now tweaked and I’m ready to begin adding new material.  It has taken a couple weeks longer to clean up than I anticipated. [read more]

The Beginning of the project!

It always excites me to begin a new year.  I spent a good portion of yesterday doing my annual year-end summary, which I have done since I was a kid.  New Year’s morning I like to spend a couple of hours writing several pages about everything I had accomplished through out the course of the previous year.  [read more]