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Travis bare chest with heavy chainsZach kissing Nate's naked shoulderGeorge in Caravaggio light with red clothTorso of Chad standing naked in front of mirrorBrian #201

The Beginning of the project!

Self-portait of Terry J CyrThe Project Begins

It always excites me to begin a new year.  I spent a good portion of yesterday doing my annual year-end summary, which I have done since I was a kid.  New Year’s morning I like to spend a couple of hours writing several pages about everything I had accomplished through out the course of the previous year.  [read more]



Recent Galleries


I am back to creating new galleries of shoots I did from last year.  There was so much work I just didn't get to publish.   I had meet Grant at a party and invited him into my studio.  We worked on four shoots over the course of the summer and these are a selection of images from all those shoots.  Some are natural window light while others were done with studio strobe lighting.  

Featured Artist Galleries

Paul Richmond's painting of "In Hot Pursuit, Starring Jesse Archer"Paul Richmond - Amercian Erotic Humorist Painter

Paul’s work immediately struck me because they were so filled with a humor I could identify with.  He had developed a series he called “Cheesecake” which was a vivid throwback to the nostalgic pin up styles we had become accustomed to seeing.  Typically these types of images were shown with women in these sorts of manors; for instance the old horror movie classic where the woman is being terrorized by some menacing creature.  [read more]

Recent Blogs

A Flutter of Activity

Last week was a flutter of activity.  I needed to turn my focus toward the Missoula Art Museum Auction and finish off my other website for it’s opening.  The art auction was a huge success for me.  My framed photograph of the Helmville Rodeo creating somewhat of a bidding frenzy and drove the price up, finally going for $1900.