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Brian in red shorts with sculpted abs in side light.Travis dirty with grit bare chest with heavy chainsZach kissing Nate's naked shoulder in beautiful window light.George standing naked bathed in natrual light looking longingly out the window.Tattooed torso of Chad standing naked in front of mirror with studio light.

The Beginning of the project!

It always excites me to begin a new year.  I spent a good portion of yesterday doing my annual year-end summary, which I have done since I was a kid.  New Year’s morning I like to spend a couple of hours writing several pages about everything I had accomplished through out the course of the previous year.  [read more]

Recent Galleries


I am back to creating new galleries of shoots I did from last year.  There was so much work I just didn't get to publish.   I meet Jake through a mutual friend I had been shooting. He came to stay and I did several shoots with him over the course of several days working with natural and studio light.

Featured Artist Galleries

David J Vanderpool - Pencil Drawing Artist

David was one of the first artists I got to know when I first began showing my own male nude imagery on the Red Bubble site.  We seem to have a mutual fascination with each other’s work and style.  I was obsessed with light and how my subjects emerged out of the darkness.  He obsessed with the subtle shading of his gradation through intricate line and movement of his pencils.   [read more]

Featured World Cinema

FREE FALL: review

2013, German, 100 min

Nothing really new here, but has a great soul with great performances by the actors, a good script and beautifully directed. Feels naturally filmed, about a thirtyish police officer who falls in love with a male co-officer and the repercussion of his indecision.

Recent Blogs

Male dancer nude photo from a single light sorce.  Black and white fine art photogrpahy

When Artistic Passion Ignites Into Fire

Recognizing that defining moment of becoming an artist.  I remember feeling on fire then, the same as I am on fire now.  Life is about passion.  Not being afraid to embrace it.  And from that moment forward to this moment hence I have followed that dream.    [read more]