Nate & Zach Gallery

I initially worked individually with both Nate & Zach.  They had been dating for some time and seemed like an ideal young couple.  I have always wanted to photograph couples, but it seems no one is quite willing to come into the studio and work.  And so often in our culture people are very transient and move from relationship to relationship quicker then some of us take out the trash.  But Nate and Zach have been together for some time and seem completely content with who and where they are in the relationship.  I had this idea to create couples images that really captured the extraordinary beauty, passion and seductive nature of gay romance.  Again, stripping them down to the raw essence of gay erotic sensuality without becoming overtly sexual.  To me, this is the dream and the ideal of what we all strive to obtain within our own relationships.  Using the natural light from the studio windows, these images work well in both a color and black & white format, giving them a timeless quality and capturing the passion of gay sexuality in all its beauty.