Light, Beauty, Desire, and the Art of the Naked Man

My love and passion has always been the theater. I worked as a lighting designer and professional stage manager for years until I tired of constantly living out of my suitcase. I moved back to my home in the mountains of Western Montana, bought my first camera, took up photography, and began taking pictures.

I recently turned my creative eye to the nude male form and began a personal exploration of what it stirred within myself as an aging gay man and the impact it’s had on my life.  The Naked Man Project was a twelve-month endeavor to expose that raw, sensual, and often sexual side of naked men.  Not just a study on homoerotic art, it involves beautiful men of all kinds, often featuring straight men exposed as reflections of themselves in artistic nudes.  Though the writing becames a meditation on sexuality and desire and how it’s revealed in art, the images strive to defy the boundaries of erotic photography and reveal what we face at the core of ourselves, when we are naked, exposed, alone, and at our most vulnerable.  The two became a personal history of my life; my dreams and aspirations, friendships, inspiration, a delving into my own sexuality that is a journey of discovery and illumination as a artist. It is an in-depth look into the heart and soul of my artistic expression, drawing from my background in theater lighting design and a life-long fascination with art.  My images are inspired by the classic works of Caravaggio, Mapplethorpe, and Fred Holland Day.

Now with a new year, and the original project completed, it still continues to grow.  It now evolves to include many other artists who are also exploring the same issues but working in different mediums, writers, painters, graphic artists. To become a common place. a sort of collective of artists from around the world searching for meaning and existance of unlocking the powerful mystery surrounding the classic male nude figure in art.  To become an expression and  reflection of ourselves, our time, and the modern culture in which we live.