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  • Overwhelming Creative Passions

    Two men in a naked embraceI am overwhelmed by the beauty of the world and all the extraordinary connections I am making now on Facebook in regards to this project. I now feel a surge of creative excitement growing within my heart and soul. I don’t want to sleep, eat or move away from my computer. I only wish there were more time in my day to fit more in. I am remembering things long lost or forgotten that I want to revisit, so many films, so many books, so may images. Creative passion is coursing through my veins as excitement grows within me. I am finding a peaceful calm I have never known before. Where my identity as a gay man can finally be honored and is allowed to emerge from me as a viable expression from my art. It seems nothing else exists but art and creation. I have finally found a place I belong. Though I dwell in a remote part of the world and the culture within my own community does not honor or recognize my talents I reach out to so many magnificent friends across the globe. It seems my struggle is universal and recognizable to everyone. Yesterday I received about 200 emails and it seems to keep growing and moving. The vision is extraordinary, beyond myself. So many people share their warmth and brilliance, a thank you to all, I am moved beyond what words can express.

    VIEW FULL IMAGE: Chris & Brandon #110


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