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  • Springtime In The Rockies?

    John naked black cloth studioWe may indeed be getting summer here in Montana. I have never seen so much rain in this part of the country. The snow pack still has not melted from the mountains yet, the rivers are high and we are expecting record flooding with in the next month. But for today I am getting outside and enjoying every moment of the beautiful morning. This morning I write from my garden. The shade plants are thriving with all the rain as it becomes lusher with each passing season. It takes three years for a garden to take hold. The first year is to establish, the 2nd year is to adapt, and the third year is to flourish. This is the 2nd, and next year it will be spectacular, not that it isn’t already. I am more of a believer in perennials and just add a few annuals for just a splash of colors and give it a slightly different look from year to year. I mostly use organic compounds to renew and enrich the soils. My garden is the place where I can lose all track of time. It is ever changing, ever evolving, just like me. I see my gardens as a wondrous sculpture of nature where I completely feel at home.

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