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  • Featuring A Sexy American Painter

    Corey in Soft Caravaggio LightI have the first featured painter and visual artist on The Naked Man Project website today.  The artist is my friend Tom Acevedoin Boston, whose paintings I have admired for such a long time, who also happens to be a very sexy hot man.  Just wish I could afford one of his images for my studio.  We have created a profile for him in the featured guests section and you will be able to link to a gallery of his work and see his comments on the images.  Now, along with Alison, on the literary end and excerpts from her writings, the project seems to be growing and is heading in the direction I had envisioned from the beginning.   Now that you can see how it’s going to function, I am still looking for other creative souls to contribute.  Contact me if you are interested.  The site is currently registering about 50 to 100 people an hour, so there seems to be a lot of traffic glancing at it.  We are now a little over two weeks since the initial launch so it all feels great right now.  We are still suffering from an occasional broken link and not sure sometimes how they happen, but I am beginning to realize it is part of the process of growing and learning it’s functionality so please bare with us as we work it out.

    Now I can get back to work!!!!

    VIEW FULL IMAGE: Corey #350


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