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  • Snow, Snow And More Snow!

    Cheyenne getting dressed in the bathroomI have not seen it snow like this in a very long time. We have had probably close to two feet up here to my studio in the Rattlesnake in the past forty-eight hours. I stayed inside all day yesterday and worked on the website. It is finally becoming what I envisioned from the beginning. The home page has been reworked. I have completed the galleries for the blog months of November and December. Giving people quicker and easier access to last year’s blog project. I have also begun adding images to The Naked Man Project Facebook page and posting some of the images on some of the Facebook feed galleries created by other artist. It’s getting a good response on a French feed.

    I spoke to my father in Yuma last night; I had sent him a link to the feature Martin had given me in Enlightened Male 2000. He was quite moved by it as well. He said he was amazed what a good writer I was and how well I was to express myself. I could tell he was very moved. It is the first time I have sent him a link since the project began the beginning to last year. I have always been fearful to let him into my world and needed to work though issues of growing up throughout the year that I didn’t want to influence my thoughts if I knew he was following. He is the one person I need and what to get closer to.

    Yesterday’s model didn’t show up, I suspect because of the snow but it turned into a prefect afternoon of catching up. I have Cheyenne back this afternoon to work on a new headshot and hopefully shoot with the new lighting scheme I am trying to fine tune. He will be prefect in this sort of light.

    VIEW FULL IMAGE: Cheyenne #331


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