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  • Simplicity of Light

    George in a single light sourceI have been working on the image of George that I took earlier this week.  For the shoot I recreated the same light I had used for Seth the previous week because I have been working this concept of a single light source coming in from the left as the only means of light.  It is a very narrow channel of light, there was a second light set up with a snoot to create a specific high light on the backdrop for to highlight and separate the subjects.  It is amazing see how different the subjects are with almost identical lighting and how much the skin tones absorb that and refract that light.  On one it seems harsh while on the other it is smooth and even.  I often find a concept and explore the man variations of possibility within that idea.

    I am beginning to censor the site by putting the full nude image in a restricted category.  You must register on the site to see the full effect of these images.  There is no extra charge, it is only there to make sure people who are not offended by the male penis and full frontal nudity get there by choice and not by chance.  To see the full effect of George’s images, that are more powerful fully exposed I recommend you register.  I have tired to make it as simple as possible.

    VIEW FULL IMAGE: George #444


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