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    Lately some of my focus has been changing. I have been working on all the things I had neglected from last year. I am finally working through many of the personal images I took last year and creating galleries for them. I am trying to begin to put some of those galleries on my Facebook profile to share them with others who have been wondering what I have been up to in my personal life. Yes, there is another side to myself and my work other then nude males. I am actually a photographer of many things and interested in a great deal of subjects. I recently posted the images from my trip last summer to Paris, the HOTEL FENLIN film project I was working on a few weeks back, as well as other work I loved from last year. I have a Facebook page for this Naked Man Project, which is restricted to adults and a Facebook page of my photography as a business of Terry J Cyr Photography that is open to general public. But my personal Facebook page is my own, more about me. I have been trying to build all aspects of who I am, but there are many boundaries that are becoming quite complex and are becoming difficult to draw distinctive lines between. Yesterday I received a note from someone, who is open minded and accepting about what I do, suggest that I tighten the restriction on my Facebook page because stuff I was posting seemed too mature for younger kids that may be on their parent’s Facebook pages. My immediate reaction was to delete the feed or link, which I did. This morning I got up and began to research Facebook for possible security restrictions and realized there really isn’t much in place for under aged individuals. Not that something like this would work if under aged children are on parent’s accounts that have friended me. My next reaction was to unfriend all the people I knew who had young children, and suddenly I began to realize I had fallen into a madness of self-censorship. I felt an anger beginning to grow within me; suddenly I could no longer be who I was or be accepted for what I was doing.

    Most everyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with art and the creative process. It is my life and always has been. This past month I have softened the website a bit hiding questionable materials to a logon-only sort of basis and I guess in a sense I am beginning to feel that perhaps it’s not really my responsibility to censor myself. If what I do becomes an issue for people with children on the internet, perhaps they are the ones that should unfriend me instead or censor what their children are looking at on the internet. I am who I am and have always been an artist who expresses my passion. We now have one of the most powerful tools available to humanity that allows us to network and connect with other like-minded people around the world. I choose to use this tool to my advantage, to grow and converse with other artists from everywhere, share ideas, feelings, concepts, far beyond the chit-chat most use it to pour out there every day experience. This is my everyday experience! I post what I’m passionate about and things that have somehow moved me and I want to share with others who I think might have a similar experience with the same materials. The “306” SHORT GAY FILM” video I posted to my website yesterday, has a powerful message of hidden identity, though some of it is graphic, is filled with emotion captures the duality of what many of us feel. I do not want to have to compartmentalize who I am or restrict what I feel. After all this is a global experience for all to share.


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    1. Terry, I see nothing inappropriate in the images you have posted to your personal Facebook profile. My daughter saw some of the Paris photos, and there were some that she might have wondered about but honestly she sees and hears more suggestive stuff on TV when Greg lets her watch ‘Big Bang Theory’. i am much more concerned with my children witnessing violence in media than slightly suggestive sexual content that mostly goes over their heads anyway. I would suggest you leave it up to people to unfriend you if they find your postings inappropriate. That is always an option for them. Please don’t censor yourself anymore than you yourself feel is appropriate.

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