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    Maury in white t-shirt and black cowboy hatIt feels like I have fallen under a strange curse with my project and what I want to achieve with it.  I am having great difficulty recruiting subjects to work with.  I have been working like crazy to network and tried many different approaches but, now that people know and see what I am doing, everyone seems intimidated by it and no one is interested in working with me.  Most everyone I approach says, “I do not look like that!”   I am not in that good of shape, and I think there is an overwhelming fear that everything I do will end up on the web site.  This is utterly far from the truth on both accounts.  Most of the people I work with are not really in great shape and where I began with the project so long ago was on a exploration of who people were, at what ever condition they were, just getting to the core of what is their sensual best: an exploration of their own identity into themselves.  It’s more a process of discovery of who they are.  But it seems that what started out as a process of discovery has become a tangible object in the form of an image or art form.  I think I was better off less known and undiscovered.  The problem isn’t that I can’t connect to them because I am connecting to many.  Most everyone has either seen or heard of my work or me, but there now seems to be a fear of what I create.  It’s very odd and I can’t quite isolate the root of its cause.  Once people have met me and worked with me, it seems we become great friends and I am able to work with them over and over again.  As far as posting images of my subjects, I do get their consent before anything is posted and have removed a couple of subjects from the site who originally consented and signed model releases allowing my to publish their images.  When they thought my work with getting too popular and reputation growing beyond their comfort level where they might become recognizable.  Again this becomes the curse of success.  I am running out of approaches and not sure how to find new subjects.

    In the mean time I have been building the website, working on past images I have shot, and networking with other artists around the world.  It seems my plight is common to many other artists, no mater where they live.  We all struggle with finding subjects who are willing to work.

    Not all of my images are nude or completely naked.  It is not a requirement to work with me.  Subjects take it where they are most comfortable.

    VIEW FULL IMAGE: Maury #242


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