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    Jeremy shitless looking up into the lightIt has been an extremely busy year for me, busier then I think I have ever been in my life.

    As I get older I seem to become more focused. I see a vast world in front of me I did not know how to dissect or investigate when I was younger. Sex seemed to rule supreme and dominated most of my existence. It seemed enough to sustain me. Not to say my desire has changed, but seems to have migrated from a physical activity now more to an emotional state. I feel I am becoming introverted, perhaps more introspective in the way I look at my self and those that surround me. I peruse those things that are more meaningful to me now, seemingly with more passion, perhaps trying to figure it’s relevance to my meager existence. In the beginning I feared my difference and mostly chose to remain hidden, to lurk in sort of the shadow of the world that surrounded me. I grew up on a cattle ranch in the mountains of Western Montana and Montana is where I choose still to remain. Now that the flurry of summer activity is beginning to wane and as I finish up my last wedding project of the season I am being drawn back into this project I started last year.

    I have spent the last couple of weeks resolving issues I have been struggling with to maintain the site and move it forward. On Monday it will migrate to a new operation system and hopefully become more manageable.

    This morning I pulled an old book down from the shelf  Men for Men: Homoeroticism and Male Homosexuality in the History of Photography Since 1840  by Pierre Borhan and as I sat in the crisp morning light of my garden, listening to the trickle of the water from the creek at my feet, I begin to realize the journey of our culture, which was once clandestine, now has become something so common that we take it for granted. What was once a punishable offense, to dabble in such arts, is now revered with a liberation of personal expression. But I see and realize in my heart it is something I still revere as sensational. I see the importance of my connection to this project and it is time once again to embrace it whole-heartedly.

    Image: Jeremy #906

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