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  • Seduction, Anticipation, and Revelation

    Chad fully naked in front of a mirror showing front and back Last night I had a couple of very close friends over for dinner and as usual the conversation turned toward sex and romance.  We all agreed that so much has changed since the Internet.  An expectation is now assumed from the beginning of the encounter and the lack of seduction, anticipation, or revelation is gone.  Desire has taken a new form and has somehow become homogenized.   Have we lowered our personal standards to the point where we don’t care anymore or is this just the process of evolution?  Part of stepping away from my own process was a fear of becoming mediocre of what I love the most.  My passions still run deep weather it is sex, romance, or the process of creation and I somehow feel if I remain true, within my heart, none of the above will become inflicted.  Some times a flicker of a moment lingers in our thoughts and makes us euphoric.  I think it is this is the essence of what lingers that become the concept behind really great art.

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