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    Real cowboys getting ready for a Montana rodeo I spent the last month researching and testing new ways to make my images available on line.  I have found an amazing site called Smug Mug that directly links artist with customers and extraordinary printers.  They gave me a selection of printers from various parts of the world and I spent considerable time and money testing the quality of work.  Those images are now eye popping, finally looking like presentable works of art, ready to display.  The site offers complete customization and the ability to order directly from the site.  I sent them some of my most difficult image to print, where they had to balance bright red rich colors with lush natural skin tones and was blown away by what came back.  This seems to have been the missing link in my process of working as an artist.  I could always create the work but could not find a viable way to connect it to the consumer.  With this link there are now so many options and possibilities.  The images can be custom matted and framed.  They can be printed on a high quality stretched canvas or wrapped on a thin board with a beautiful mount ready to hang.  But the ultimate process seems to be high-gloss floating images printed on metal that is free standing out on the wall in a gallery type way.  I am currently sharing the site with my regular photography business because it’s quite expensive to use as I continue to test it.  I have always shot images of Montana and what surrounds me, tying to capture the essence of my environment.  This includes annual small town rodeos.  This is my environment, where I grew up and where I am most at home.  Now for the first time these images are available for sale.

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