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    Justin standing nude in front of painting of flowersIt had turned into a whirlwind of a weekend.  It was homecoming at the University and I had two friends fly in from Tucson to stay with me, who will leave later today.  Sorry for the lack of blogs but I was swamped with lots of activity.  A homecoming game which the Griz lost.  I also become consumed with two major photo jobs the last couple of days.

    One of the shoots was my own kind of homecoming, spending early Friday morning and into the afternoon shooting headshots for the faculty and staff of the Drama & Dance department on campus.  I still feel a strong vital connection to the theater.  This shoot was easy because I was so at home and creating images of people I share such a strong bond to.  As I was setting up a complete photo studio in the light shop of the building, I looked around me and thought this is really where I began.  Where so many years ago I stood and merely dreamed of working in the entertainment business.  Naive, inexperienced, immature; with stars in my eyes as I faced an uncertain life trudging into an unknown.  Many of the people I photographed at this session I have a long history of working with, they share my story.  I see how much I have changed and I ponder… “Did I really make it?”  Did I accomplish all those dreams I was filled with so long ago?  I certainly didn’t end up where I thought I would.  As I work through the session I see now I have become the master of my own sort of progeny, a sort of mutation of my talent, skill and self becoming infused.  It certainly feels I have made an impression on the world as I touch so many others around me.  Perhaps this was my destiny after all.  I feel content and happy.  I see young people admire me and look to me as a model.  I shudder a bit, as I think am I really that stable inside?  Life is a shaky road, and often difficult to travel.  I have often thought I am certainly not on the right path.  This is not a direction I should be going.  Yet everyday I have somehow managed to show up and be present, to create something, to follow a passion and try to be true to myself.  As I finished the shoot and packed up my massive collection of gear and haul it, in many trips, to the car, I realized how comfortable I have become.  I recognize how all of these little fragments somehow make up the all the bits of my life.  These are the tools of what I have become, each acquired from various parts of my journey, some from the beginning, some from more recent, yet all as a sum become a part of my existence.

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