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  • A Lost Sense of Community

    Carson in the studio shirtless in jeans and western belt.How is it that I live in such a small gay community and still not know anyone?  It seems many people at least know of me!  I feel somehow on the outskirts of socialization.  The friends I have are dear and love to hang out with them when we do.  We do not have any kind of gay bars here in Missoula, so I know it is difficult to get out and meet new people.  I feel like I keep trying to connect with people on websites, but that doesn’t work either.  I do a lot of chatting but never meet anyone in person.  Is every one really that busy?  Perhaps it’s me that’s busy?  I’m not sure!  This morning I linked to a guy in Columbia Falls that liked a posting I did and as

    I browsed through his images and Facebook page I thought, how is it I don’t really know who this person is?  Why have a never met him.  He is just a couple of hours from where I live.  I know that I tend to work a lot and my evenings are generally full with a part time job, but it feels like Missoula has always been this way.  I have often wondered, why don’t we have a closer community here?  I keep wondering if I lack the communication skills or am perhaps just socially inept?  I am passionate about everything I do or get involved in?  I am comfortable with myself and feel I am a charming host and love cooking and creating gay centric gatherings?  But there just seems to be some people that don’t respond?  I have a lot of offer to the next generation, but somehow feel lost in my connecting to them?  I love to have houseguests and get to know others?  I love to share my life, my experiences, my passions, but

    no one really seems interested.  Missoula is what I would consider the mecca of gay for Montana.  It always has been.  We have a University with a large population of artist, writers, and creative souls.  It’s a semi-expensive place to live and many of us have to have many jobs or work out of state to actually make ends meet here.  I am going to make it my goal in the next couple weeks to try and socialize and meet more of my community! 


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