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  • A Valentine’s Day Promotion

    Corey taking off his shirt with a sly smile.I want to create a promotion for Valentine’s Day.  Come and we can create a photo for your loved one sort of thing.  They could be just a portrait or it would become something a romantic or ever a bit naughty.   You can take the session anywhere you want.  I do offer a full range of printing, matting, framing options with all the work I do.  It could be just a picture in a card, or we can make a card with you as the artwork.  Any ideas or possible graphic design element is possible.  All images we create will be kept confidential.  I am offering a special sitting fee of $50 and you of course will retain proofs.  The session would take about an hour to shoot and you can bring whatever props you would like.  I will do my famous specialty lighting to of course make you look fabulous.  It could also just become a portrait of the two of you in the confines of my studio.  For orders that needed to be printed, it will take about a week to turn around, so you will need to schedule the session about 10 days prior.  It’s time to show your love and create a classic image of yourself.  This becomes the perfect Valentine’s gift that will be remembered for years to come.   If you are interested in booking a session you can reach me here.

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