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I woke up this morning thinking about my cousin Kathy.  There were three families from that generation, and each had three children and she was the only girl amongst eight boys.  I always felt a particular kinship with her, perhaps … Continue reading

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I had an unexpected surprise yesterday morning.  A kid stopped by that I was interviewing for a model.  He is from Montana but works in the oil fields down in Colorado and was taking off to head back there today … Continue reading

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I have spent the past couple of days cleaning through The Naked Man Project, fixing broken links, simplifying the internal elements, and opening up many of the existing galleries.  Many of the model galleries have not been open to look … Continue reading

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I have been splitting my focus working on my two websites, one day on this, and the next on creating a business site with my regular photography.  This is the time of the year when the photography business tanks and … Continue reading

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