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I want to create a promotion for Valentine’s Day.  Come and we can create a photo for your loved one sort of thing.  They could be just a portrait or it would become something a romantic or ever a bit … Continue reading

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How is it that I live in such a small gay community and still not know anyone?  It seems many people at least know of me!  I feel somehow on the outskirts of socialization.  The friends I have are dear … Continue reading

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I was a bit premature in my longing for spring and the garden because yesterday we had a terrible storm blow through Missoula and about shut the city down.  We ended up pulling all our UPS drivers in early because … Continue reading

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I woke up this morning to hear the rain on the skylights above my bed.  This generally means it’s beginning to warm up in Montana.  The snow has been melting out of the back yard.  I realized it’s only about … Continue reading

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