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For some reason I have been thinking lately about the lonely death of the American writer Tennessee Williams. Here is a brilliant man who has crafted some to the greatest plays of all time for the American Theater. Things like … Continue reading

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I have a young extremely talented filmmaker friend who has developed a brilliant script that he is trying to raise funding to produce.  It’s going to be an extremely low budget film with a wallop.  I have read the script … Continue reading

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Wow a morning and afternoon completely free with nothing scheduled!!!  It feels like months since I have had a window like this open.  The only thing I have to get done today is my posting for the day on here.  … Continue reading

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I have recently been working through the Reed Massengill book Uncovered: Rare Vintage Male Nudes and am struck by the remarkable beauty of the images, not so much the models that are paraded though out the book, but by the … Continue reading

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