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There was a time in the 50’s when young men arriving in Los Angles seeking fortune and fame in the film industry were recruited by photographers to be photographed nude or nearly nude for companies like Athletic Model Guild to … Continue reading

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OK!!!! Here it is the big day!!!!  The website is finally up and running!!!!  You can find it at  We have put together a limited version to test the site and see how it will function.  It’s still a … Continue reading

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It’s official, it’s the first day of winter in Montana, and I woke up this morning to see the trees above my bed, through the skylights covered in a blanket of white snow. To me this signifies the turn of … Continue reading

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It seems far easier to be creative then it is to actually market or sell your creativity. This is becoming the lesson of this week. This is the greatest leap in my creative endeavor so far since this project began. … Continue reading

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