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The technical aspects of the photographic process

Made a huge leap with the website yesterday and last night.  We have finally been able to connect it to RSS to create feeds and social links.  We have also linked to Google Analytics so we can see how people … Continue reading

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Wow a morning and afternoon completely free with nothing scheduled!!!  It feels like months since I have had a window like this open.  The only thing I have to get done today is my posting for the day on here.  … Continue reading

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The Naked Man Project website has been up for a week now and though you may not see changes happening to it, I assure you it is continually still under construction.  We are still trying to learn the programs and … Continue reading

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It has been about two and a half months since I returned from my inspirational trip to France and Germany and have since accomplished the goal I set out to do.  This morning I have began reconnecting to some of … Continue reading

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